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Two-Day Chip Carving Workshop - Townsend Atelier, Chattanooga TN

I’m very happy to be returning to Townsend Atelier, a wonderful privately owned and operated art center in Chattanooga, TN. The Townsends’ hospitality is the effortless kind that really makes an impression on you and they host an impressive array of fine arts classes and events. I’m looking forward to this class and being back in Chattanooga for a few days.

In this two-day class students will receive comprehensive instruction in the fundamentals of chip carving, a decorative technique in which faceted “chips” are removed from a wooden surface to produce geometric patterns, stylized images, lettering and ornamentation. Through demonstrations, guided practice, skill-building exercises, and the completion of a decorative wall hanging, students will leave class with all the knowledge, experience and confidence to pursue chip carving on their own.

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